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Mon Ami Group Home is a compassion-centric 9-bed residential behavioral health & rehabilitation center that offers a homelike setting designed to contribute to healing and mental wellness. We believe every human has the right to feel whole, healthy, safe, and loved, and our mission is to support and inspire individuals suffering from mental illness and addiction as they journey toward recovery.

Our Core Values

At the foundation of all we do






Some of our Services

Acute Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric care for the acutely mentally ill, Bariatric Up to 700lbs, Diabetic patient is provided by staff with specialized expertise in that area in our 9 Bed Group home facility located in 9138 E Dennis St. Mesa Arizona 85207.

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Community Based Programs

Mon Ami will provide inpatient mental health services. Examples of services include medication management/administration, group and individual therapies. Some services in the community-based programs are provided through tele ….

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Serious Mental Illness Treatment

Mon Ami provides a safe, supportive, healing environment for short- and long-term care to those struggling with serious or acute mental illness, with an emphasis on compassionate care.

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Mental Health Rehabilitation

We offer a variety of proven treatment options that are individualized and patient-centered, and that incorporate unique strengths and preferences in treatment.

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Substance Abuse Recovery

Mental health disorders and substance abuse often go hand-in-hand. This program is designed to help patients meet their recovery goals while offering the skills and support to thrive independently.

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Evaluation & Referral Services

Our highly-trained, experienced team will work with patients to evaluate and develop an individualized plan of care that meets their unique needs, along with a sustainable aftercare plan.

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Mon Ami Group Home will provide safe, appropriate (comparable safety equipment/wheelchair adapted when necessary) to and from DTA and activities …

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Visit us today and see if Mon Ami is right for you

We know what an important decision this is for you, and we’re here to help guide you every step of the way.

We Believe…

Individual and family choices are a right, not an option

Advocacy and full community inclusion for members is vital to their quality of life

Creating an environment in which each person is respected and valued is essential

Opportunities to reach your optimal potential are limitless

Respecting and supporting every member’s abilities, desires, and strengths is essential to healing

Quality over quantity, every single time

Empowering & inspiring independence is a top priority

Great communication – with members, with family, with employees – is key to success

Honesty & transparency are required in any organization – ours is no exception

Ongoing training & innovation are necessary components of the highest quality care

Precise documentation with attention to detail is necessary

Exceptional is expected, and our employees are recognized for a job well done

Mom Ami Referral to Behavioral Health

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