Mon Ami Group Home is a residential behavioral health & rehabilitation center providing treatment, shelter, and support services to patients suffering from behavioral or mental health disorders. Many of our patients have a history of Serious Mental Illness (SMI), have completed any mandated incarceration and/or hospital treatment, and have been deemed not to be a danger to the community or themselves.

We also provide support, screening, and access to services for residents with co-occurring disorders of substance abuse and/or addiction. Our mission is to assist with treatment objectives while providing essential life skills, monitoring, and a safe place to live.


Acute psychiatric care

Mental health treatment

Substance abuse treatment

Suicide prevention

Psychosocial rehabilitation

Bariatric mental health

PTSD Treatment

Substance use disorder treatment

Community based programs

Residential Program

Evidence Based Psychotherapies

acute psych

Acute Psychiatric Care

Mon Ami Group Home provides high-quality psychiatric care for those suffering from acute mental illness. Every patient is treated with the utmost compassion and respect, with individualized care plans to meet every need (including diabetic and bariatric challenges).

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Suicide Prevention

Our Suicide Prevention Program follows a proven public health system which includes outreach, education, case management, and access. We are responsible for managing crisis line consults and providing referrals to appropriate providers, including verified Mon Ami partners who provide 24×7 expert care to our residents.


Mental Health Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs

Our Mental Health Rehabilitation Program is based on recovery-oriented, co-occurring capable care noting that co-occurring issues and conditions are the expectation, not an exception in service delivery. We work to provide treatment that is patient-centered, individualized and that incorporates patients’ strengths and preferences in treatment. We have tracks of evidence-based programming to meet the needs of residents with mental health issues, post-trauma stress disorder, and substance use disorders. We have the individual and group support of Peer Support Specialists along with Clinician, Behavioral health Practitioners, nursing, nutrition and living well groups to promote a holistic view of recovery. Residents work with our domiciliary and transitional work staff on job searches, keeping a job, housing, budgeting and aftercare planning. Residents/patients work individually with an assigned case manager and a treatment team of professionals to develop an individualized plan of care that meets their unique needs along with a discharge plan that involves a variety of community supports.

Residential Programe

Psychosocial Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program

Mon Ami provides a supportive, caring environment for short- and long-term care in which clients receive assistance with community adjustment, interpersonal relations, and other issues. The program is for residents with mental health issues who need ongoing monitoring of emotional needs. Programming includes classes and structure, helping transition from inpatient to outpatient status, and community maintenance.

Bariatric Mental health

Bariatric Mental Health Services

Our bariatric residents are provided mental health services at varying levels of complexity. Assessments, patient education, nutritional assessments, physical training, depression screenings, substance abuse screening, and preventive health screenings are some of the tools we use to assist in formulating the individualized plan of care. Interdisciplinary services are available to meet each patient’s specific mental health needs. Services are delivered by four integrated teams, following the Behavioral Health Integrated Program model.

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Community Based Programs

Mon Ami provides comprehensive inpatient mental health services integrated with a variety of community resources, services, and support. Examples of services include medication management and administration, group and individual therapies, transportation, and more. Some services in the community-based programs are provided through tele-based mental health.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

The primary treatment modality provided by Mon Ami clinicians is trauma-focused psychotherapy (e.g., Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure). We also may provide graded in-vivo exposure, as well as certain types of time-limited preparatory treatments (e.g., PTSD symptom management skills training) to increase a Resident’s readiness to engage in trauma-focused treatment. Our Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Track, as part of the overall Domiciliary co-occurring disorders treatment structure, provides both group therapy for PTSD and individual trauma-focused psychotherapy.

substance use

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

This program is designed to assist Residents in addressing their co-occurring mental health and substance use disorder needs. An intake is completed to determine the appropriate level of care, initiate appropriate treatment, and make referrals to other relevant services. This treatment is used to provide a continuum of care before and after admission into Mental Health, if needed. Our Substance Use Disorder treatment programming is geared to address relapse prevention, early recovery skills, emotions management, healthy relationships, and harm reduction. A variety of support groups are offered according to each stage of recovery to allow Residents to have a safe place to seek support from staff and fellow residents. We use evidence-based treatment techniques, and all recommendations are made in collaboration between the Resident and Substance Use Disorder staff. Our mission is to help Residents meet their recovery goals, learn valuable life skills, and gain access to resources and support for ongoing success.

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Residential Program

The SUD Track, as part of the overall domiciliary co-occurring disorders treatment structure, provides group therapy for Substance Use Disorder to include but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) informed treatment, Matrix, 12-step Facilitation, Stages of Change, Relapse Prevention, and case management. Residents have the opportunity to attend 12-step meetings – both at Mon Ami Group Home and on an outpatient basis within the community – in order to develop a strong recovery support network.

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Evidence Based Psychotherapies

Mon Ami’s Behavioral Health team has 2 talented, experienced psychotherapists, both of whom have been trained in, and in some cases “recognized” for, one or more evidence-based psychotherapies. Similarly, our Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Use Disorder teams have therapists trained in, and in most cases recognized for, evidence-based psychotherapies specific to their particular focus. This includes Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, consistent with our declared emphasis on evidence-based psychotherapies.

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